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The now legendary original post, right here on Cliff’s List, that became the David De Angelo book Double Your Dating.The following is a total kick ass business plan to meet and score with top quality women.The aforementioned Neil Strauss went under the pseudonym of “Style”. Others have called themselves “Juggler”, “Formhandle”, “Ice Dragon” (seriously), and perhaps best of all “Gunwitch”.The clothes According to the literature, a true Pick-Up Artist stands out from the crowd – hence the preposterous names.After all, do you think that just because someone is successful in an area in their life that they lose interest in it? You can be sure that, to the best of my ability, I am out looking to add not only those who can benefit from the advice and comments here, but also the superstars of this real world game to be a part of this list.Without further ado, here is one of the best manuscripts you will find anywhere on how to be successful with women: Sisonpyh: *** For reasons that are obvious to some, I have to start by saying that this is my PERSONAL experience and my PERSONAL technique.When you court a woman, her natural response is to run.

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So start attracting…and you won’t BELIEVE how it can transform your success with women. Use “Reverse Rapport” “Reverse Rapport” is when you say and do the opposite of what a guy would do who’s trying to make a woman like him…but in a sarcastic, playful way that assumes the woman already knows, likes, and trusts you. Well, one way is to use a sarcastic comment that’s the opposite of what a woman wants to hear.Many of the concepts David De Angelo developed turned into fairly simple and marketable phrases that are still used by pick up artists even while some of those concepts have fallen out of favor as techniques in the most current theories of dating science.Nonetheless, as one of the first popularizers of dating science after Ross Jeffries, he remains an influential figure in the history of PUA techniques.There are many different schools, but most trace their inspiration back to one man, Ross Jeffries, who founded “Speed Seduction” in 1988.The movement achieved real prominence in 2005, with the publication of Neil Strauss's book The Game, in which he described his own journey into the odd subculture.