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Brother and sister, husband and wife, their eternal love lasted a lifetime and beyond.

In Celtic lore, our souls begin as one being that gets broken apart.

For instance: the chick flick or testosterone-charged action film you see to please your spouse; the obligatory visit to your toxic in-laws; or larger arguments about everything from parenting styles to work schedules to dealing with money that require compromise. Pay attention to intuitive signs that you’ve met someone of interest, even if he or she isn’t “your type.” These are: A sudden wave of chills, a gut feeling of attraction, or a flash of insight that this person may be right for you.

You surrender to these compromises in service to the “we” of love. Hold your desires lightly in your heart but don’t push. Also stay aware of intuitions such as a sick feeling in your gut or a sense of distrust that warns, “Danger. Stay away.” These will protect you from unhealthy relationships. Synchronicities are moments of perfect timing when paths effortlessly interconnect.

For over 18 years, Psychic Carol has been offering her psychic guidance.

She has given psychic assistance in helping her advice seekers deal with their dating issues as well as how to handle stressful life situations.

In addition, there are several free psychic reading prediction for IOS and free psychic reading for Android out there that you can use for your relationship goals.

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I know its hard to not know what someone is thinking, what they are feeling, have they even been thinking of you?

I specialize in love psychic readings, soul mate connections and bonds, relationships, twin flames, dating, marriage, advice, his feelings, her feelings, love, and many other expertise.

If you have questions about anything that is bothering you in life, please feel free to contact me anytime.

The search to reunite with our soul mate is a search for balance.

In Yiddish, finding one’s “bashert” means finding your predestined partner, what’s meant to be.

Soulmate psychic reader dating tips