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Let's say that you want to approach one of these girls. First, if you're already the CEO or VP of your company, you have a much stronger chance of being accepted than if not.It's unfortunate, but the stronger a woman is (and the higher her position within a company) the more men she'll cut out of her "potential date" list. The approach here is one of strength and confidence - much more so than other women.I knew he was right—I just didn't know what it meant. Doug was tall with dark hair and eyes, but it wasn't his looks that unglued me.A recent business school graduate, he was smart, confident, and witty. We dated for a few months and had intense—if, in retrospect, vanilla—sex.Astute readers of both my post and hers will note how similar these two lists actually are in content if not in voice. For the sake of clarity, I’ll preface this list with an explicit remark about how it’s not intended to reflect anything other than a generic exploration into what I believe submissive men want from dominant partners, and should therefore not be interpreted without salting to your own taste, so to speak.

Does he talk a lot about "high-powered women" and get excited simply speaking about female politicians or business leaders?

The reason is that these women want to be with men they perceive as even stronger than they are.

This is a critical element in the approach because it has to be just as strong and confident.

Since many submissive men have high-powered jobs that require them to always be in control, they want nothing more than to relinquish that responsibility in their off-hours.

They seek strong, authoritative, and even sadistic women (called dommes) who can dish out what they crave.