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She says: “Apart from a couple of cigarettes at school I’d never smoked.But when I went in the Big Brother house I took in 200 cigarettes, just to swap and make friends.But let’s face it, when you’re kissing someone who has had a cigarette it just doesn’t taste nice.” Aisleyne vowed to give up and found that a combination of will power and hypnotherapy sessions helped her do it. “My hair, skin and nails all look so much better,” she says. “I’ve got lots more energy too, but I’m not really a gym person. I used to do boxercise and now I’m planning to go to pole dancing classes with a couple of girlfriends.It’s a great way to tone up and burn calories.” Aisleyne is also following a healthy diet: “For breakfast I eat toast and scrambled eggs, followed by pasta or a baked spud and salad for lunch and something like rice, curry and vegetables for dinner.” Aisleyne is now calling on others to ditch the weed for No Smoking Day.– knew the addiction wasn’t helping her looks or her love life.She says: “After Big Brother I was kissing lots of boys. Now if I put a cigarette to my lips I feel disgusted.” Eighteen months on from giving smoking the push, the beauty, who has been linked to boxer Mike Tyson, 42 and footballer Jermain Defoe, 26, says she feels sexier and fitter than ever. and it turns out that doesn't just apply to romances.

It was reported that Horgan-Wallace's popularity shocked the show's producers, with tabloid sources suggesting that they had attempted to "engineer" the series' finalists, and did not expect the swing in public support for her.

Since 2007, Horgan-Wallace has been a frequent guest on the Big Brother support shows, Big Brother's Big Mouth, Big Brother's Little Brother, and latterly, since the show's move to Channel 5 in 2011, Big Brother's Bit On The Side.

Since 2007, she has appeared in a number of episodes of Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe. She appeared in BBC One's Test The Nation, on a team with several other Big Brother contestants.

; born 28 December 1978) is a British glamour model, fashion designer, magazine columnist, actress, and television and media personality.

She rose to fame in 2006, when she appeared, and finished third, in the seventh series of reality television show Big Brother.