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In the opening scene of Lifetime’s “Un REAL,” the camera pans over a twinkling mansion while a horse and carriage pull up to a grand fountain out front.“Ponies, princesses, romance, love,” an executive producer in the control room shouts, “I don’t know, it’s all a bunch of crap anyway.” And, with that, the dark, acerbic new scripted drama lays out its premise — pulling back the curtain on the Cinderella fantasy of dating competition shows with a fictitious look at the chaos surrounding production of a “Bachelor”-esque program.Here we go: The network responsible for this show: Fox The premise: A group of tiny bachelorettes competed against average-sized women for the heart of a 4-foot-5 bachelor.

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The bad taste in the mouth: Some critics argued that the show was offensive to the Amish.

American expats appearing on Chinese TV is not uncommon: As explained in a June 2012 episode of This American Life, seeing foreigners perform and do “silly” things on TV—speak Mandarin, wear traditional garb, dance—is novel and hugely popular.

I’d seen David before on a talk show whose bare-bones set resembled something you’d see on an American public-access channel.

" If you answered yes, you've probably had a taste of the worst reality shows of the decade - the most ridiculous, offensive, or just plain stupid reality shows ever made!

Did you ever watch a reality show that left you staring at the TV screen, mouth agape, wondering "What in the world were they thinking?!