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Not long after his arrival in Oklahoma, he married Grace Lee, and together they began producing a line of fine art clay pottery and sculpture which would be affordable to most people.Grace Lee made the suggestion that because they were the only commercial pottery in Oklahoma, they should use their last name Frank, and add the letters O, M, and an A for Oklahoma for the name Frankoma Potteries.According to Colonel Robert Hawks, of Robert Hawks Auction Co., there were 382 registered bidders at the live onsite auction.

Although their loss was great, they built a new plant, and began producing dinnerware which would become the backbone of their business.

The Franks' daughter Donna, always credited her mother Grace for having the business sense to realize that open stock dinnerware would be an ongoing source of business rather than a one time purchase.

It helped that they placed a large billboard along Route 66, hoping to entice buyers to their Frankoma pottery and showroom.

The pottery began its existence 1933 when it was founded under the name Frank Potteries by John Frank.

Raised in Chicago, Frank’s artistic abilities resulted in him being hired to come to Norman, Oklahoma, to establish the University of Oklahoma’s first Ceramic Art Department.