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Freaky Friday the 13th was advertised as a chance for kids to dust off their Halloween costumes.

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oh yeah, he cuts a mean rug on the dance floor too! We did this interview I’m giving you a sneak peek of for my Conversations With Punx book (more details here). My mom was dating this guy for a couple of years—there’s a song about him on our second album called “Dead & Gone”. After a few minutes of playing with the board I thought, I think we’re talking to my mom’s dead ex-boyfriend. It looked like the fog scenes in the old Universal Monsters Wolfman movies. There was no way there could be fog in our hotel room. Read More Waterloo / July 13, 2017 Manulife is taking action to support its customers and communities affected by wildfires in British Columbia.Along with donating ,000 to the Canadian Red Cross and matching up to ,000 for employee donations, Manulife will be increasing flexibility for affected customers.I’ve known Mark Unseen for over a decade, I first interviewed him for an old zine I used to do and we’ve keep in touch ever since. There’s this one hotel five to ten miles from my house and every time I’d drive by I’d be like, that’s where he died. maybe he meant it in a non-malicious way; maybe he was just telling me. It was definitely not done by anyone that was there, like it wasn’t like someone had said, let’s just fuck with him! MC: Another thing was, I was in a hotel room in California about four or five years ago—we were on tour with The Forgotten. He’s yelled, and still yells, for punk bands including, The Unseen, Tenebrae, Ashers, Self-Destruct and A Global Threat. I’ve never found out if it’s true, but every time I go passed there I get a feeling that, that’s where he died. We played a place called San Luis Obispo and we were driving back from Los Angeles on the last night of tour. I asked her if I was imagining things or if I was dreaming. Then that was about it, we didn’t say anything else. At first I thought maybe someone was on the top bunk jerking off [laughs].