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Learn about how to best prepare your resume to land your dream job at Microsoft.

Check out our Jobs Blog For more sage advice directly from our recruiters, visit our Jobs Blog. Describe your specific strengths and expertise Convey, if appropriate, how your skills might be applied in new or different ways or for a different type of job than you’ve had in the past.

Follow these resume tips to keep your outdated resume from landing you in the rejection pile faster than you can say “hire me!

” If you haven’t sought a new employment opportunity for five, 10, 15, or even 20 years, you may be unsure of where to start when creating a resume for today’s marketplace.

Has that much changed since you last applied for a new position in 1995 — or even 2005? Here are some key resume tips you’ll want to implement when updating your outdated resume to ensure your application sees the light of day.

Gone are the days of stating why you want to boost your skills, share your talents, and optimize your career path. If you are sending out your modern resume, your objective is to land an interview.

We've rounded up insider secrets and advice from resume experts, HR professionals, career coaches and other experts from across the country. Include only those items directly related to the one or two position types you are pursuing.

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For example, if you’ve worked with a particular technology the job requires or you have experience that might give you an edge, be sure to mention it.You’ve worked hard to establish a distinguished career. But all of the effort could be undone by something as seemingly insignificant as the dates on your resume.Little noticed on the paper document, the dates on your resume — specifically the ones attached to your job descriptions — are vital to the electronic data gathering systems, called Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), that most large employers and online job boards use to store and sort your resume.This is also a great place to add keywords that are used in job advertisements.Related: It’s Time to Ditch Your Resume Objective Statement Speaking of keywords, what are they?