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The other nations searched everywhere for him but their efforts were in vain.

On the 5th of November, 2015, England reappears, unaware of what has happened to him over the last five years.

Seychelles has long, dark brown hair, tied into two pigtails with red ribbons.

She wears a knee-length blue dress with puffed sleeves, which sometimes is drawn with a flower-print.

The Kirklands have been supervillains for generations. If he ever manages to control his powers properly and learn a little subtlety, then the newest superhero on the scene might have a fighting chance, at least.

They're rich, powerful, and no superhero has ever been able to ever been able to defeat them. On the 5th of November, 2010, England went missing.

Stratagem: "a plan or scheme, especially one used to outwit an opponent or achieve an end." To everyone around them, they were a normal family but that was not the truth.

Let's find out the truth behind the Bonnefoy-Kirkland family. FACE family, Prucan, Rusame, Fr UK and many other ships) Amelia F.

It wasn't until later, when England took Canada from France, that the two were introduced to each other. Will he be able to survive all of their 'affections? But what happens when Gilbert accidentally gave him the wrong one and it made most of the male nations fighting to earn Arthur's love instead? Instead of a spell to make everyone fall in love with his cooking, they have fallen in love with HIM, and they won't leave him alone. Arthur was sick of people pissing him off so he went to buy a potion from Gilbert that would make them follow his orders 24/7. One strip shows colonial Canada and America playing with each other, with Canada showing America Kumajirou and Kumajirou subsequently giving the two a piggy-back ride. Main article: America/Estonia When Estonia's websites were hacked and turned into pro-Russia sites, America came to help find the culprit.Main article: America/England A difficult adopted sibling relationship that spanned through the ages. America then asked to star in Estonia's independent film and create "a really awesome ending." This pairing seems to be mostly fan-based.